Keston & Keston

Keston & Keston

Children's Casting

Agent : Adam Maskell

Keston & Keston is an innovative and new concept for children’s casting. They offer casting along with a "mix and match" service of administration, licensing, accommodation, workshops, 24/7 “concierge” service, mentoring, sourcing venues for rehearsals/castings and tutoring provision which is suitable for national & international projects in theatre, television & film.   

Their specialism lies in an Elite casting service and is tailored for producers needs and budgets. Keston & Keston has a wide range of experience in open casting calls, closed casting calls, press calls, licensing, administration and full management. This service is ideal for producers who simply hand over all aspects of children’s casting whether it be for one child or one hundred. Delivery of service is complete and stress free; from the initial meet with producers to the closing night, Keston & Keston will work with you to maximise the success and handling of any production.

The company has a qualified legal specialist (LLB) enabling them to fulfil criteria in safeguarding children which gives producers peace of mind. They also have a 24/7 phone line for producers to deal with the management and wellbeing of the child cast. All members of the team have extensive creative experience within the industry with most projects including Victoria (Series 1& 2, ITV), That Day We Sang (Victoria Wood, BBC), Live at The Royal Court (The Royal Court, with 160 children cast, licensed and administrated) & Eric and Ernie (BBC). 

L-J Keston & Emily Keston have been working successfully together within the children's theatrical sector for the last 2 years and they have now turned their attention to child casting with an emphasis on a first class delivery from start to finish.